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“Civil War” – Relevant Now More Than Ever     

GnR’s epic anthem “Civil War”, understandably lost at times within all of the epic and legendary tracks by the band, is perhaps now more relevant than it ever was.  As Axl screams out in “Coma” – “in a world our minds created, in a world that’s full of shit!!!!!” – many folks are constantly left wondering what the hell is going on in the world.  Why do humans cause so much death and destruction?  Why is there so much fighting when we all could be getting along?


Mass shootings, nuclear showdowns and threats, corrupt politicians to the core, pedos in the church and Washington DC, bankrupt governments looking to tax yet more of what humanity produces, racial and social inequality, and police brutality and murder of innocent victims are just a handful of the things going on that can really drag down the life of anyone.  Guns laid it all out for us in “Civil War” which is a track that can help one understand what is really going on.

“The billions shift from side to side

As the wars go on with brainwashed pride”

That right there says it all.  Politicians and lawyers send young men and women into useless wars to feed corporate and political greed yet the bigger problem is the brainwashed support they receive in doing so!  These wars are useless, but why aren’t people standing up against them and kicking out these criminal politicians?  Yes things are messed up but GnR is implying here that we also must look at ourselves and do something about it.

“Look at the hate we’re breeding

Look at the fear we’re feeding

Look at the lives we’re leading

The way we’ve always done before”

Simple, easy to understand.  So simple these ideas and concepts get swept aside as we go about our daily lives.  “Look at the leaders we follow” – seriously when is the last time the “leaders” worked together and achieved something meaningful and productive for humanity?  Yet, so may follow them religiously almost as if they worship the aura and “power” of the establishment in Washington DC and elsewhere.  We are all guilt of it either to this day or at some point in our lives.

“Look at the lies we’ve swallowed

And I don’t want to hear no more”

“I went numb when I learned to see”

That says it all right there.  So many millions and millions of people have been swallowing the lies for so many years trusting that all of the status quo institutions are looking out for your best interests and trying to help you.  Folks just assume the “government” and the “leaders” in society are there to help them while they remain helplessly confused and distracted by social media, the latest outrageous implants and surgeries accentuated on Instagram, and anything else that keeps them from discovering and ACCEPTING what is really going on.  When people start to learn to see they just might end up going numb in a state of paralysis shocked at how much they failed to learn and understand over the years.

GnR’s epic “Civil War” takes you on that ride and helps steer you along the way . . . . . if you are willing to do so.  

"Shadow Of Your Love" - AFD Era Track Released With Other Stuff As Well

"Shadow Of Your Love" definitely has the AFD vibe to it.  It's no surpise it is a cut of a track that almost made it onto AFD.  it's simple, straightforward, raunchy, and catchy.  The bigger question is if this GnR release is a preview of other things to come.

Slash finalzed his divorce.  His ex-wife has no access to any future Slash royalties or creations.  Will this clear the way for a new album?

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses stormed back to the front of the music scene in 2016 with an earth shattering and hugely successful tour throughout the United States and elsewhere.  The band already announced dates for the 2017 U.S. and European tour and there is speculation that more dates are forthcoming. 

Fans can always get tickets to Guns N’ Roses concerts at  We have tickets for every show with discount prices and we provide a 100% Guarantee on ALL Sales.

As Axl, Slash, and Duff take to the road again to awesome crowds and reviews many fans are curious about any new music popping up from the legendary band.  Rumors of songs titled “Atlas Shrugged” and “The General” among others have circulated for years so we will just have to wait and see what happens.  Regardless the guys seem to be having a blast back together again and fans are rocking every show.  The band continues to play the songs most popular to a wider audience along with deeper cuts like the masterpiece “Coma” and the brilliant “Estranged”.  Check out our schedule for GnR below and grab your tickets to see what the band can do in this exciting 2017. has ANY seat to ANY event with a 100% guarantee.  It’s that simple.

So, what is next for GnR?  The tour storms on and has an amazing fall lined up in some of the most prominent arenas around.  These include stops in NYC at Madison Square Garden, a trip to Boston, and TD Garden, and a couple stops in LA at both the Staples Center and The Forum.  What will the band do after that is anybody's guess.

Of course all fans are asking about any new music and if we will get to see and hear that in 2018.  Stay tuned in to find out.  Nobody can predict what Guns N' Roses will do next.

“Coma” – One Fan’s Perspective on How It Changed His Entire Life

At first “Coma” was just a long but very cool song that showed off the amazing talents of Axl, Slash, Duff and the others and mixed in all sorts of creative elements most bands could never come up with.  Oh, it sounded great as well and really “got you in the zone”.  Over time though I became more and more curious about what the song means and what it is actually about. 

I’m familiar with how Axl has stated that a drug overdose incident stimulated the creation of “Coma”, but that doesn’t mean the song is or has to only be about an overdose.  Many say Slash had the most control over the song.  Either way I view music as open to whatever interpretation one has on his or her own.

After so many years enjoying the song I’ve come to the conclusion that “Coma” is about oneself.  It’s an introspective look at oneself and the hopefully successful transition a man or woman can make in his/her life.  The transition from the older version of yourself to the newer and better version of yourself that can seek to reach maximum potential after absorbing all of the lessons and painful setbacks of earlier life.

The song itself can be seen as chopped in half in that way.  In the first portion of the song we hear the author “crawling through the wreckage of all my twisted dreams and this cheap investigation just can’t stifle all my screams” followed by literally stating he is “waiting, at the crossroads, waiting for you, waiting for you . . . . where are you?”  Over time I saw that line up with how I would ask myself what I was doing and if I was truly being the person I had the potential to be.  Was I waiting for myself at the crossroads?

Later in the song (and for the record there are too many gems to cover them all) we hear things like being challenged by “and all this crass communication that has left you in the cold” and how “sometimes we get so tired of waiting for a way to spend our time”.  One of the boldest and most memorable set of lyrics to me has become the following: “If home is where the heart is and there’s stories to be told, no you don’t a doctor, no one else can heal your soul”.  After that “got your mind into submission and your life on the line” and it was like BOOM there it is.

Not to say that one can’t benefit by the help of others in life, but at the end of the day we can each grab ourselves and pull ourselves up and make the changes we need to make and want to make.  There is no doctor or expert to tell you who you are or what to do.  That is up to you.

In typical Axl fashion he has his own style while essentially mocking himself or an earlier version of himself when he flippantly barks out how “It’s So Easy to be social and it’s so easy to be cool, yeah it’s so easy to be hungry when you ain’t got shit to lose” as if to provide useful reminders to himself while also mocking a younger and less mature form of himself and his music via the reference to “It’s So Easy” from AFD. 

I could go on and on and dissect every single lyric and musical twist but suffice to say the lyrics and the way Axl sings them along with Slash’ brilliant guitar work make “Coma” to me the most amazing masterpiece I’ve heard.  No other piece of art has had more impact on my life.  


“Locomotive” - One Fan’s Take On This Overlooked Gem

“Locomotive” is easily lost on the shuffle of the massive release of the UYIs to the point where many average fans are not even aware of it.  I must admit.  I was a huge Guns fan for over ten years before the track really hit me and things started clicking.

This piece of music is a masterpiece.  Something about out really sticks to me and I’m convinced it has to do with how I feel that “Locomotive” is the track that best spotlights ALL members of the band.  You have the tenacious and winding lyrics and vocals from Axl.  Slash is well Slash and tears it up. Duff has a more prominent role than your typical GnR SONG.  The drums are persistent and aggressive the entire time.  And, of course, the ending blends in the keyboard wonderfully. 

The tone, pace, aggression, and overall vibe of the song are simply brilliant.  It really hit me after a long relationship ended, but I am not mentioning that in the sense of seeking pity or feeling sorrow.  “Locomotive” literally helped me redefine who I am in relationships and what my expectations are of other human beings.  Human beings are seriously flawed in some ways.  Most people are NOT good matches for each other.  “Locomotive” for whatever reason laid this out for me better than anything else ever in my life.  After said relationship my old man said to me “hey just make sure you are getting back what you put in next time” and left it at that.  “Locomotive” took his simple statement and completely turned my mind over a million times and gave me a refreshingly happy and enthusiastic new perspective. 

“Sweetness is a virtue and you lost your virtue long ago,

You know I’d like to hurt you but my conscious always tells me no.”


“I opened up the door but it was cold outside,

Hoping that you’d find your own way in,

But how can I protect you,

Or try not to neglect you,

When you won’t take the love I have to give?

I bought me an illusion and I put in on the wall

I let it fill my head with dreams,

And I had to have them all,

But oh the taste is never so sweet,

As what you believe it is,

It’s these prejudiced illusions

That pump the blood to the heart of the biz.”


“You can use your illusion,

Let it take you where it may,

We live and learn,

And then sometimes it’s best to walk away,

Me I’ll just be hanging out,

In my only place to stay,

I’ve worked too hard for my illusions,

Just to throw them all away . . . . . . “


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Image Credit: USAToday

Does Anyone Else See “Shackler’s Revenge” As The Follow Up To “Mr. Brownstone”?

I’ve always loved Shackler’s Revenge off of CD.  Yes, I understand it is a venture into a different type of metal and some may call it industrial metal or whatever label they come up with. I’m not concerned with that.  The song is cool and it kicks ass!

This track jumps out at me as a sequel or follow up to the epic Mr. Brownstone from Appetite.  The track doesn’t need to be paced in some type of box or compartment but this always jumped out at me.  From a stylistic standpoint it is concise and compact much like Brownstone.  The lyrics hit me with an overall message about addiction but they take it further along than the lyrics in Brownstone do.  Yes, Brownstone refers specifically to addiction to heroin and the insinuation that it is tearing the band apart metaphorically like it can tear anyone apart.  However, I always looked at the reference to heroin as a symbol for addiction to anything.  Mr. Brownstone is your addiction to anything and you can apply that as it may or may not fit you. 

Shackler’s builds on the fun and easy listen of Brownstone to where the author appears to be talking to him or herself about that explosive feelings inside oneself created by addiction.  “I’ve got a wicked demon” and “there’s something wrong today” are just two of many examples.  It goes further to get into “no one is stopping you” where the author seems to suggest that yes you can turn down this addiction and that the no one that can’t stop you is the addiction itself.  Perhaps you feel trapped by the addiction but that addiction in the end can not literally stop you from moving in another direction if you make our own decisions.  Brilliantly creative play on words and use of lyrics if you ask me.

I also love the intensity and speed of the track.  It comes at you hard and fast and hits you between the eyes.  Very intense and unique.  An oft overlooked track perhaps, but I’m always game for listening to “Shackler’s Revenge” and in fact have it in my Top 5! 

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