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frozen broadway tickets

For the lovers of the much-famed animated musical Frozen, there is chance that you might just enjoy the characters in a real-life kind of musical.

This is because Disney Theatrical Productions is working on a stage musical which is a production of the Tony Award winning maestros Michael Grandage and Rob Ashford.

For starters, the musical will be staged at the Buell Theatre in the Denver Centre for Performing Arts starting from August 17th to the 1st of October, 2017. If you cannot wait for next year’s big staging of Disney’s Frozen Musical, you can very well get yourself a ticket to the try-outs which are already on sale!

The real deal, though, will be next year over spring when Frozen will be staged together with other Disney favourites; The Lion King and Aladdin. You definitely cannot afford to miss out! The Broadway show will be staged at the St. James Theatre.

And no doubt, the cast of the musical is made up of prolific actors and actresses who will live up to your expectations when it comes to portraying your beloved characters.

Frozen - Disney Musical

Frozen, the Disney Musical, is inspired by the 2013 3D Disney film of the same name. The music and lyrics for the production are penned by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. The story of Frozen revolves around two Royal sisters – Elsa and Anna. Elsa is gifted with the unique power of freezing people and objects. After she ascends the throne, she flees. Her actions cause the entire kingdom to freeze in an eternal winter. It almost kills her sister. Elsa can only save the kingdom and her sister if she is successful in displaying true love.

Frozen, the musical, premiered on Broadway in 2018. Soon after, the production commenced a national tour of the U.S. in 2019. The total runtime of the Broadway production is two hours and thirty minutes, including one intermission. The Broadway musical has grossed a total earning of $135,263,902 in the 685 performances, which have been staged so far. Some 1,141,925 people have been in attendance. It made the maximum earnings in the last week of 2018. The Broadway Disney musical "Frozen" registered the highest attendance in April 2019. The Disney musical stage production has been the recipient of various nominations from prestigious awards such as the Tony Awards. The Drama Desk Awards and the Outer Critics Circle Awards. Its song “Let it Go” is now a household classic.

Current Broadway Cast

Bulda – Tracee Beazer

Hans – Joe Carroll

Oaken – Kevin Del Aguila

Young Elsa – Winter Donnelly

Elsa – Alyssa Fox

Pabbie – Zach Hess

Anna – Aisha Jackson

Sven – Adam Jepsen

Young Anna – Fiona Morgan Quinn

Olaf – Ryann Redmond

Kristoff – Noah J. Ricketts

King Agnarr – Nicholas Ward

Novel Adaptation

The Disney animated film production of Frozen also inspired a book by Jennifer Lee – "Frozen."

Upcoming Tour Venues

Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

The Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

Keller Auditorium, Portland, OR

Civic Theatre, San Diego, CA

Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, OK

Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas, TX

Keybank State Theatre at Playhouse Square, Cleveland, OH

Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts, Charlotte, NC

Cadillac Palace Theatre, Chicago, IL

Recent News Reviews

Jeff Lunden, in conversation with Kristen Andersen-Lopez, for NPR learns how the stage adaptation of the multi-million dollar grossing 3D animated Disney film, Frozen, is not for the toddlers. It is a “sophisticated dignified adult psychological Frozen”.

ABC News reports how the Broadway production of “Frozen” has new songs and comes with “a feminist twist”. The musical has the women themselves break the enchantment, without requiring a Prince Charming, as is the case in regular fairy tales.

Kayleigh Giles for Daily Mail reports after the first Broadway staging of the Disney musical. She says that the Broadway adaptation was met with “an icy reception from many of its critics." They found that the comedy interludes feel strained, and the musical production overall made for a lackluster viewing experience. However, some critics disagreed with this predominant line of thought. Reviewers from Vulture believed that the Broadway production of Frozen would stand the test of time despite its ups and downs.

Caissie Levy and Patti Murin will play the roles of sisters Elsa and Anna. Moreover, John Riddle will play the part of Hans, Jelani Aladdin will be the love-struck Kristoff while Andrew Pirozzi will characterise Sven the reindeer. Well, obviously, the Disney Musical Frozen is incomplete without the fun and talkative Olaf. His role will be ably handled by Greg Hildreth while Robert Creighton will play the Duke of Weseltown’s part. These primary actors and actresses will no doubt be joined by other members to complete the cast. 

And just like the animated musical which was definitely a hit, the staging follows the life, adventures, mysteries, misfortunes and fortunes of two sisters; Anna and Elsa. Elsa, the elder one happens to have magic powers which can turn things into frozen ice when invoked. When playing one day, she hits her sister Anna on the head with ice forcing the parents to take the younger sister to the Trolls to remedy the situation. There, it is revealed to them that the magic powers have both beauty and danger depending on how they are controlled.

To keep Elsa’s powers a secret, the Trolls erase all memories of her powers from Anna’s memory and advise the parents to keep her from using the powers. In time they grow older and misfortune knocks when their parents, who are royals, get killed while away on a trip. Elsa has to be coronated and it is during this event that the magical powers that had been supressed successfully for a long time begin to manifest. Their parents who had been instrumental in keeping Elsa in check are no longer there and moreover, Anna pulls off her gloves which had also significantly helped her supress the powers.

What follows is a series of adventure, deceit, finding love, self-discovery for Elsa and meeting new personalities like Sven and Olaf! After all of these upheavals, though, the sisters make it back to their throne and banish the deceitful Hans and opportunistic Duke of Weseltown.

The animated Disney musical has been hailed as having broken a series of records both in the US and beyond. If the casting and direction of the much anticipated staging is anything to go by, this production will no doubt be a fun and entertaining musical staging that you and your loved ones will remember for a pretty long time.

As a matter of fact, the musical supervisor who will also be in charge of creating dance arrangements will be the prolific Stephen Oresmus. Being a two-time, Tony Award winner and having had stints in other musicals like Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, you can rest easy in the assurance that you will be enthralled from start till finish.

No doubt, this musical will be a family-friendly bet which deepens the plot of the original Frozen and presents it through a series of utterly interesting music (including new ones).

Well now, it is all up to you to decide; you can get yourself a ticket to the pre-shows in Denver or wait for the Broadway show slated for spring 2018!

Disney is notorious for recycling animations (that can be seen here). Surfacing around since the past eighty years, it has played a major role in gender roles projection. It produces some of America's favorite films, and some of their most recent releases have been based around some more controversial topics.  Disney has done this successfully with Frozen, the Lion King, and Aladdin.  All of these have a combination of movie theatre film productions and Broadway live perfomring arts productions.

Frozen 2 the movie is coming out in 2019, and the same is true for Aladdin the movie.  It is a huge year for Disney.

The parents die at sea in a storm while both princesses continue to be young. Both parents die at sea in a storm while both princesses continue to be young. As a consequence, Kristoff's introduction for a youngster is cut. Children come to think that their own worth for a girl or a boy must be validated through some type of gender-related characteristics. Little kids really like to nurture and the Baby Alive dolls make it possible for children to manage their own baby.

Like all movies, it is going to evolve. The movie may be from the'90s, but I am only able to imagine the outrage it would cause. When you are in possession of a very first successful movie, you need to produce a second one.

If you're trying to find a Broadway musical that will please the entire family, be sure you grab tickets to Frozen. Every song increases the item. Even the songs they've created really have zero rhyme, or meaningful weight.  Frozen will really dig into the national Tour late in 2019, and the production is also heading to the West End in London.  Frozen The Musical in London is coming to fruition!

His piano track was included together with the extra orchestration in the last mix of the song. The 2008 album I Stand was an effort to move in the pop mainstream, but nonetheless, it only had minor success. The song was posted a thousand times on social networking and cover versions appeared all over the internet. But every song differs. It's Elsa's defining song within her story, and it's anything but positive. It's such a powerful and strong chorus.

The story is very good and above all the music is magnificent! Obviously, Disney stories require a specific suspension of disbelief. The writer set out to deliver an enjoyable story which is precisely what it is.


Frozen Set to Melt Hearts on Broadway

By Tahlia Campbell

 The spectacular Disney film that captivated audiences around the world has finally made it to Broadway! Following the success of the 2013 animated movie, Frozen the Musical expands on the story of two sisters, giving more time to the characters we’ve come to love.

 With a book by Jennifer Lee, and music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the show has kept many members of the creative team from the film, ensuring everything on stage is faithful to the original story. Instead of being a direct copy of the film, what Frozen the Musical does is transform these animated characters into something real and tangible. It really takes the time to dig deep into the characters’ motivations, allowing their relationships to develop further.

 Delving deeper into Elsa and Anna’s past, the extra time given to the young sisters makes their love for each other clear from the start.

 Young Elsa, portrayed by Brooklyn Nelson and Ayla Schwartz, is the perfect tragic heroine. Her reaction to hurting her sister, and her fear of hurting anyone else, tugs at the heartstrings of every audience member. Both actors convey the role of big sister brilliantly, tapping into the responsibility Elsa feels towards Anna and the pressure of keeping her powers in check. These actors prove just how capable child actors are of playing such complex roles.

 Seeing that the heart of Frozen is the love that the sisters feel for each other, the musical dedicates more time to their interactions. The sisters have the chance to communicate after spending years apart, and the actors create a strong tension with their initial awkwardness and their clear yearning to reconnect.

 While Anna was previously Frozen’s leading lady, in the musical she made way for her sister to have more stage time.

 We get to see a different, more complex side of Elsa, helped along by Caissie Levy’s powerful characterisation. The song “Dangerous to Dream”, an extra track added for the stage, is a bittersweet soliloquy that communicates both Elsa’s longing to confide in Anna, and her fear of letting anyone get close to her. Levy’s Elsa never appears cold to the audience - she shows us that Elsa’s restraint is a protective wall she puts up, while at the same time revealing the tender heart inside of her.

More Broadway Theatre Information:

 Frozen’s most iconic song, “Let it Go”, is no less empowering on stage. Having played Elphaba in Wicked, another role originated by Idina Menzel, Levy’s powerhouse voice is perfect for the belting ballad. Her lighting-fast costume change from Elsa’s coronation robes to her sparkly form-fitting dress is incredible, truly showcasing the amount of works put into this show. She changes costume once again, wearing a shawl over her new dress to symbolise her walls rising up once again. Frozen the Musical takes Elsa’s journey one step further, striking every emotional chord and filling the character with love and loyalty.

 To round out such a moving character arc are Anna and Kristoff, played by Patti Murin and Jelani Alladin, whose chemistry challenges both characters’ way of thinking. Their song “What do you Know About Love” shows them butting heads in a playful show of their competitive streaks, but their relationship really is born of mutual trust and the lessons they learn from each other.

 Murin’s Anna, who is optimistic and delightfully goofy, is the perfect foil to Alladin’s cynical Kristoff. Kristoff’s arrogant yet charming facade is melted by Anna’s fiery passion. Their love starts off as friendship, and their powerful dynamic combined with their mutual trust leaves the audience rooting for them to get together.

 Anna, who is seen as the comedy relief to Elsa’s dark and dramatic character, is given a more serious side in her Act Two number, “True Love”. It's a mournful ballad that shines light on Anna’s desperate need to feel loved, reflecting back on her childhood. It truly fleshes out Anna as a character and gives Murin a chance to show how emotionally stirring her voice can be.

 Deviating from the film in a fresh new take were the characters of the trolls. Instead of being cutesy comedic characters, these trolls look more like the satyrs from Greek mythology. Barefoot in earthen clothes and wild hair, the trolls were the representation of the magical world present in Frozen. Glowing eyes and jewelry made them seem more animalistic, adding to their ominous presence.

 To make up for the lack of animation, puppets were used to portray Olaf, the talking snowman, and Sven, Kristoff’s animal companion.

 Olaf took the form of a marionette, actor Greg Hildreth clearly visible in a white winter costume to make the character come alive. Hildreth’s voice and delivery is uncannily similar to Josh Gad, who voiced Olaf in the film, bringing the iconic character to life in a hilarious way.

 Sven’s reindeer puppet functioned more as a costume, with actor Andrew Pirozzi completely concealed within his reindeer costume. Less cartoonish than his animated counterpart, this Sven is an elegant silver contraption that blends in nicely with the show's snowy backdrop.

 Bringing the magic of Frozen to stage is no simple task, but the musical makes brilliant use of lighting and set to create Elsa’s ice powers. Bright blue lights flash across the set and sharp icicles burst from the ground when Elsa’s magic is finally released. “Let it Go” features a vibrant background of glowing ice crystals and snowflakes.

 The ensemble is utilized as not only human characters, but part of the environment as well. At one point the ensemble forms a blizzard - wearing white clothes, they pile together and drag Elsa and Anna away from each other. The chorus moves as a single unit no matter what role they're fulfilling, and their fluid movements flow as smoothly as a river.

 With all of these charming components working together, Frozen is set to be a hilarious but emotional show for the whole family.

 Frozen the Musical has already melted hearts in Denver, and will officially open on Broadway on February 22.

Frozen – Everything You Need to Know About Our Favorite Ice-Princess on Broadway!

We didn’t know how to contain our excitement when we found out that Frozen was coming to Broadway. The Oscar winning movie was converted to a Broadway and it delivered on all levels. Everything from the production to the acting was flawless and we have to say, the musical was as good as the movie. Now, let’s get into everything you need to know about the Frozen musical.


The best part of the movie was the immense amount of songs. Fortunately, the musical didn’t disappoint. It featured some of the finest songs from the movie and added a bunch of its own to the collection as well. We’ll list all of the songs in the musical down below.

Act I

  • "Vuelie" – Company
  • "Let the Sun Shine On" – Young Anna, Young Elsa, King, Queen and Townspeople
  • "A Little Bit of You" – Young Elsa and Young Anna
  • "Hidden Folk" - Queen, Pabbie, Young Elsa, King and Company
  • "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" – Young Anna, Anna and Elsa
  • "For the First Time in Forever" – Anna, Elsa and Townspeople
  • "Hans of the Southern Isles" – Hans
  • "Dangerous to Dream" – Elsa and Townspeople
  • "Love Is an Open Door" – Anna and Hans
  • "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People" – Kristoff
  • "What Do You Know About Love?" – Anna and Kristoff
  • "In Summer" – Olaf
  • "Hans of the Southern Isles" (reprise) – Hans, Weselton and Townspeople
  • "Let It Go" – Elsa

Act II

  • "Hygge" – Oaken, Kristoff, Anna, Olaf, Family and Friends
  • "For the First Time in Forever" (reprise)† – Anna and Elsa
  • "Fixer Upper" – Bulda, Pabbie, Olaf and Hidden Folk
  • "Kristoff Lullaby" – Kristoff
  • "Monster" – Elsa, Hans and Men
  • "True Love" – Anna
  • "Colder by the Minute" – Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, Hans and Townspeople
  • "Finale" – Company


The success of the musical was highly dependent on the cast. The delightful performance from the musical Anna and Elsa were exceptionally good. Here is a short bio of the stars leading the musical.


Patti Murin is quite a talented person. Apart from being a wonderful actress, she is also a singer and a dancer. She was raised in New York and attended Syracuse University where she studied musical theatre. Murin made her Broadway debut in the 2007 musical Xanadu. She is currently playing Princess Anna at the St. James Theatre.


Caissie Levy is a Canadian actress born in Hamilton, Ontario. She has been in the world of musicals since 2002, so she’s more than experienced. Her alma mater is the Westdale Secondary School in 1999. She would never have stepped on American soil if she hadn’t been accepted by the AMDA. She’s been in quite a few exceptional plays like the Les Miserables, Wicked and now Frozen.


Jelani Alladin is a 25-year old actor whose role in Frozen was well-suited for the guy. He has been in quite a few plays but his role in Frozen is his best one by far. He’s one of those people that were raised to be in this industry. He attended the New York University where he participated in quite a few different acting styles like cinema acting, song and dance acting and vocal performance. He was also casted in the lead role of Julius Caesar in Matthew Gray’s production.


John Riddle was born in Vermilion, Ohio and made his musical debut on the revival tour of Evita in 2013. His breakthrough role was Young Anton in the Broadway production of The Visit in 2015. 


Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Greg Hildreth will be the one playing Olaf in the musical. Our little snowman was interested in acting from an early age. He started performing in the local Neighborhood Children’s Theatre. He starred in his first production at the tender age of 6. He landed his first major role in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and would be casted to play the same role in the Broadway production of the same play in 2011. He also contributed to create the role of Jean Michel in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Prior to that, the role didn’t exist.

Critical Response

The Denver tryout received mix reviewed, but obviously, it was a “tryout”. The Denver Post called it “fun but not transporting”. However, the Broadway show did much better. The show as a whole received great reviews. But, almost critic highly praised the characters of Elsa and Anna portrayed by Levy and Murin as mentioned above.

The lighting design and the set was also something critics particularly liked.

Fan Appreciation

To say that the fans loved the musical would be an insult to Frozen. We had high hopes for the Broadway production and it exceeded our expectation. There were a lot of things that the fan loved about the play, but the first and foremost thing would be the characters of Elsa and Anna. Just like the critics, the fans adored the two women playing the princesses and their acting was just absolutely phenomenal.

Once you get over the charm of the two ladies, you see the friendship between Kristoff and Sven. Sven by the way is portrayed by Andrew Pirozzi. He also did the voiceover for Sven in the original movie back in 2013. But, Alladin is the person that deserves the accolade. This is Jelani Alladin’s Broadway debut and he absolutely rocked the place with his portrayal of Kristoff.

Then, there was the young Anna. She’s making her Broadway debut at an age when actresses dream about landing a minor role in their school’s plays. But, she was great in every sense of the word. The little girl is just reeking with talent. Her stage presence was highly underestimated, but not after the first show. Overall, it would be a huge understatement to say that the musical was a hit with the fans.

Frozen 2 - The Movie

Fans have waited anxiously to find out when if at all the movie Frozen 2 would be arriving.  Disney recently set a date of November 22, 2019 for the release in theaters nationwide of Frozen 2 the movie.  This coincides nicely with the launch of the North American Tour of Frozen The Musical.

Frozen The Musical continues to enjoy huge success on Broadway.  People are traveling from all over the world to witness the majesty of Frozen On Broadway.  

Robert Lopez – The Mind Behind Let it Go

We probably don’t remember the name of Robert Lopez. But, he’s another one of those people behind the curtain that contributed to one of the greatest animated movies of our lifetime. We know that Demi Lovato sung “Let it Go”, but it was the great Robert Lopez that wrote the lyrics. This is an article honoring the award winning song writer and his great achievements.

Life History

Robert Lopez was born in Manhattan in February 23rd, 1975. Lopez was partly Filipino because of having half-Filipino grandmother. He didn’t come to New York till he was six years old. Prior to his return, he spent most of his time in Greenwich Village. It was a minor incident that led him to learning a piano. The house they were living in had a piano and he persuaded his mother into getting him lessons. A year later his parents bought him his first piano and he wrote his first song. At the age of 12, he started moving away from piano and tried to learn other musical instruments like saxophone.

Lopez’s academic achievements include a B.A. in English from Hunter College High School and then Yale University. In Yale, he started taking interests in musicals and wrote two of them. During his stay at Yale, he really hoped to make his living through musicals and tried to stay away from the field of science or technology.

Career Writing Songs

After graduation from Yale University, Lopez went back to Greenwich Village. He lived there for four years until the money from writing songs was good enough to rent an apartment. He worked other jobs with song writing to pay for his expenditures.

In the early days of Lopez’s success, his partner in crime was Jeff Marx. In 1999, they collaborated and began working on Avenue Q, a musical that was a puppet show dealing with certain adult ideas. In 2003, the show made its way to Broadway in the John Golden Theatre. The musical was highly appreciated by the public and earned the 2004 Tony Award for the Best Musical. While earning Lopez and Marx the Tony Award for Best Original Score.

Since 2006, Lopez has been responsible for a quite a few songs in animated films. He started off by collaborating with his brother on Wonder Pets, and then would eventually make his way to a musical adaptation of Finding Nemo. Lopez also composed songs for The Simpsons, Phineas and Ferb, Winnie the Pooh and then, his most famous work; Frozen.

Lopez would go on to win a line of awards for his song Let it Go – Awards that included an Academy Award for Best Original Song as well.

Frozen on Broadway

The Frozen musical was based on the movie and the lyrics were written by Kristen and Robert Lopez. The musical debuted on Broadway in March, 2018 at the St. James Theatre. The musical numbers written by Lopez for the musical are mentioned below:

Act I

"Vuelie" – Company

"Let the Sun Shine On" – Young Anna, Young Elsa, King, Queen and Townspeople

"A Little Bit of You" – Young Elsa and Young Anna

"Hidden Folk" - Queen, Pabbie, Young Elsa, King and Company

"Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" – Young Anna, Anna and Elsa

"For the First Time in Forever" – Anna, Elsa and Townspeople

"Hans of the Southern Isles" – Hans

"Dangerous to Dream" – Elsa and Townspeople

"Love Is an Open Door" – Anna and Hans

"Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People" – Kristoff

"What Do You Know About Love?" – Anna and Kristoff

"In Summer" – Olaf

"Hans of the Southern Isles" (reprise) – Hans, Weselton and Townspeople

"Let It Go" – Elsa

Act II

"Hygge" – Oaken, Kristoff, Anna, Olaf, Family and Friends

"For the First Time in Forever" (reprise) – Anna and Elsa

"Fixer Upper" – Bulda, Pabbie, Olaf and Hidden Folk

"Kristoff Lullaby" – Kristoff

"Monster" – Elsa, Hans and Men

"True Love" – Anna

"Colder by the Minute" – Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, Hans and Townspeople

“Finale" – Company

“What do you Know About Love?”

In the stage adaption of Frozen, lead roles Anna and Kristoff finally get the duet they were denied in the film. Staying true to the essences of their characters, it’s not a typically romantic song, but one where the two headstrong characters riff on each other about their experience and knowledge of love. As they hike up the mountain to find Elsa, Kristoff challenges Anna on her love for Hans, who she’s only just met, and Anna questions his experience with love. It’s a fun, upbeat song that establishes the characters’ personalities and sets them up for their future relationship, and shows that even though they disagree, they’re still able to band together to achieve their goals.

The song is conversational, switching back and forth between Anna and Kristoff in quick succession. Patti Murin’s chirpy voice is perfect for this quirky song, which perfectly highlights her brilliant comedic timing, and Jelani Alladin’s skeptical characterisation of Kristoff is a great foil to Murin’s head-in-the-clouds portrayal of Anna. They have a strong, entertaining dynamic when they sing together, which makes it all the more fun to listen to them bicker with each other in this jazzy, uplifting number. 


This emotive power ballad rounds out Elsa’s character arc beautifully. It serves as a contrast to the show's signature number, Let it Go, which was about Elsa breaking free from the restraints she's been bound by since childhood. In Monster, Elsa realises the consequences of her actions, and battles with her own morality over which path she should take to fix it. It's a darkly compelling song where Elsa asks her parents for guidance, and even considers whether her death would stop the storm she's caused. The song gives a deeper look into Elsa’s psyche and the conflict she feels from liberating herself by hurting others. This feeling of guilt that makes Elsa see herself as a monster is heightened by Prince Hans and his men, who chant in the chorus about bringing her to justice. These backup vocals further contrast Let it Go by making it clear that Elsa’s decisions don’t only affect herself, but everyone around her. Seeing Anna again reminds Elsa that she still has a responsibility to her people, and she can’t allow herself to become the monster she’d been afraid of her whole life.

 Caissie Levy’s powerhouse voice paired with the ominous chorus fills the song with suspense and torment, the audience knowing that she’s going to have to make a choice quickly. The melancholy piano chords build up into a thrilling crescendo while Levy belts out powerful high notes and riffs in this song that it sure to become another staple of Frozen’s soundtrack. 

St. James Theatre – Overlooked Aspect of Emergence of Frozen

One of the things perhaps lost in the shuffle of the launch of Frozen The Musical onto Broadway is the facility itself that hosts the Disney production.  Thomas Schumacher, the President Of Disney Theatrical Productions, was charged with bringing Frozen to life on Broadway.  Initially, he wasn’t even sure if they could pull it off in the St. James Theatre.

Good news arrived when Schumacher learned that the theatre was set for substantial renovations.  The St. James Theatre is 91 years old and in 1943 hosted the debut of Oklahoma!.  Fortunately for Disney and Frozen, the theatre did undergo a massive renovation including knocking out the back wall and is now at this moment hosting the fabulous musical that is Frozen.

The St. James Theatre is presently undergoing reservations to enhance the standard and comfort of the seating. We could observe the entire stage free of problem. I saw a matinee performance and, as a consequence, the bulk of the people around me were under a decade old with their pals and guardians. Several other productions are made on Broadway with limited engagement runs'' for quite a few reasons, including financial problems, prior engagements of the performers or short-term availability of a theatre between the conclusion of a single production and the start of another.

Over the last ten years the Disney organisation has changed into an important player in the stage musicals business. It's an obligation to maintain it. A tall person might have their knees against the seat in front of those. These guys were my very best friends when I was a kid, states Schumacher. The couple are thought to be planning to ask friends from the public eye to present their son a feeling of normality as he grows up. You set out to do something which works, and then perhaps you make a small number of critical errors.

If you merely are interested in being in the middle, ensure you're only looking at tickets that are labelled Center Orchestra! Smaller cities may draw in national touring businesses, but for shorter lengths of time. The Theater District is a well-known tourist attraction in New York.

From Screen to Stage: Frozen Will Soon Melt Hearts on Broadway

By: Tahlia Campbell

A fresh and exciting story about love in all its forms, Disney’s much-loved animated film Frozen is being brought to life on the stage!

The tale of two sisters, one struggling to accept who she really is and the other searching for true love, earned its place amongst Disney’s classics, and now fans can relive the magic with a new cast and double the amount of songs.

The show is set to hit Broadway at the St James Theatre in summer 2018, but for those who can’t wait until next year, there are early performances from August 17th to October 1st at Buell Theatre in Denver this year.

The book, written by Academy Award winner Jennifer Lee - who directed and wrote the Frozen movie - will follow the plot of the film faithfully. The show will take the chance to explore the depth of the characters with more than double the amount of songs, provided by Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Led by accomplished director Michael Grandage, the talented cast is sure to delight with their unique portrayals of the show’s beloved characters. Caissie Levy and Patti Murin, who play the sisters Elsa and Anna, have plenty of Broadway experience and the kind of chemistry required to play out the characters’ relationship.

Levy is well established on Broadway already, having played prominent roles in Wicked, Hair and Les Miserables. Her voice and stage presence are perfect for Elsa’s powerhouse solo, Let It Go.

Murin has not only appeared on Broadway in Wicked and Xanadu, she has also made herself known off-broadway and on TV. Her cheerful, bubbly personality will give new life to the optimistic, romantic Anna.

Award-winning actor Jelani Alladin, known for his roles in Choir Boy and The History Boys, will be making his broadway debut as the ice-harvester, Kristoff, and Prince Hans will be played by John Riddle, who has performed in West Side Story and The Little Mermaid. The warm-hearted snowman Olaf will be played by the hilarious Greg Hildreth, who has appeared on Broadway and on TV in The Good Wife, Royal Pains, and Kings.

The costumes, designed by Christopher Orum, are incredibly detailed replicas of the film’s iconic outfits. Elsa’s Arendelle garbs are elegant with royal purple and teal. Anna’s green dress is reminiscent of spring, with a floral motif. Kristoff is dressed for a day of ice-harvesting with a fur-trimmed coat and boots, and Hans remains cool and sophisticated in his white suit.

The Frozen musical will be an experience like no other. Having only been released in 2013, the movie has a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike, making the stage show a much-anticipated event. Bringing a physical presence and immersiveness to the already touching story, Frozen is a show you can’t afford to miss!

Frozen Broadway Tickets - March 9th Update - Another New Song

Frozen The Musical has just released another new song which has been added to the wonderful musical since the initial run in Denver.  "Dangerous To Dream" is the latest song released for the hit musical.  There are now three new songs for Frozen The Musical that audiences will enjoy when they attend the show.

Frozen Broadway Tickets - March 1st Updates - New Song

Frozen The Musical has released another new song.  "What Do You Know About Love" is a duet and it appears in the Broadway version of Frozen the Disney Musical.

Frozen Broadway Tickets - Feb 27th Updates

A new ending to Frozen?  Word is making its way around that the ending to the Broadway version of Frozen is slightly different than the ending in the movie.  Management and directors of the show are also telling folks that up to about 30% of the show has been altered from where it was in Denver just a few months ago in 2017.  

The first week of sales were teasing at blockbuster status.  All four of the shows sold out easily and the total revenue projected to be in the vicinity of The Lion King and Aladdin for a full week.

Frozen Broadway Musical - Feb 25th Updates

The intial reactions are coming in for Frozen the Musical and they are extremely positive.  On the 22nd Disney released the new Frozen song called "Monster" and then opened up the show for previews that night.  The St. James Theatre was jam packed that night and even had fans wandering around seeing if there were any spare tickets at the last minute.

The first "official" reviews arrive when the show leaves the previews period in the late March timeframe.  Early reactions around the web and social media tell a tale however.  Here are some reactions:

- "absolutely stunning and those voices"

- "Frozen is truly triumphant"

- "this is one of the most breathtaking things I may have witnessed in my life"

The action continues as more and more patrons will witness Frozen on Broadway in the coing days and weeks.  

Frozen Broadway Tickets

It is getting closer and closer to the official opening of Frozen on Broadway.  Previews begin on February 22nd and the show officially opens about a month later.  The anticipation is very strong with Disney proclaiming that Frozen is definitely one of its top five brands.  Many fans are dying to see if it will transfer to the stage and have the same success as The Lion King

Ticket sales are very brisk with the best availability already stretched out into the late summer and fall of 2018.  The musical will have roughly twice as many songs as the film did and is staged at the legendary St. James Theatre.

Interesting Tidbits About Patti Murin and Caissie Levy:

- The text each other nonstop

- they had never done any type of collaboration together in any way before Frozen

- they have a dance party together at the top of the show backstage as a ritual

- Frozen songs run through their heads frequently but usually it is a song someone else sings in the musical not the ones they sing themselves

- they knew Frizen would be very special and have been working on it for a long time to include the performances in Denver in 2017

Frozen On Broadway – News And Updates 12/5/2017

The anticipation continues to build at a very robust level for Disney’s Frozen to appear on Broadway starting in February of 2018.  The amount of buzz and excitement is truly amazing and the positive vibes and energy are contagious and glorious. 

A recent study concluded that the pre-Broadway, seven week run of Frozen at the Denver Center For Performing Arts generated $30 Million in economic activity for the local community.  This includes travel and hotels, restaurants, and other purchases related to the jam packed and sold out shows of Frozen in Denver.  This analysis will certainly attract a lot of attention as many, many other cities look to attract Frozen to their market in the coming years.

Speaking of other markets – it now appears to be a certainty that Frozen will be heading to London’s West End, and this is not in some far off fantasy speculation.  It’s not clear which venue will host Frozen but more than just a couple are eyeing the opportunity and trying to position themselves.  Of course Disney is already experiencing success in London with Aladdin and The Lion King.  It’s only a matter of time before Frozen finds a home in London as well.

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Frozen Broadway Tickets

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Frozen New Song - "Monster"

On Febrruary 22, 2018 the production Frozen The Broadway Musical released a new song called "Monster".   Elsa sings "Monster" and folks seem to think ti will take place in the second act.  The song contains mixed emotions.  It is full of rage and fear and anxiety, almost a perfect contrast the powerful feelings relased in the smash hit "Let It Go".  

The song asks some very deep questions inside Elsa directly related to her ability to create ice and freeze things.  From there though it is much deeper.  Should someone live if they have the ability to kill so many other people?  How does one handle that?  Maybe there is a way to live and foster positive energy to help people?  People will just have to catch the show and see how it goes and what emotions it brings out in the audience.

Frozen Favorite Characters – What Does It Say About You?

We all tend to align ourselves with certain characters in the world of pop culture and the performance arts.  This can associate with a favorite character in a movie, player on a sports team, musician in a band, and yes character in a Broadway Musical such as Frozen.  Heck, many of us even identify favorite aunts, uncles, and cousins!

What does your favorite Frozen character say about you?  Let’s take a look at a few.

Anna – Always the optimist, Anna is a fun loving sweetheart that always finds the best in life and all situations possible.  Anna has a huge heart and passion for people even though she may be a bit socially awkward.  Is this you?  Do you relate to Anna?

Elsa – The Queen of all gatherings and surroundings.  Sticks to the rules but can also be very shy.  Elegant and graceful yet both strong and protective.  Maybe you find yourself in her and choose her as your favorite.

Olaf – Very happy. Always smiling.  Quite the jolly character always full of life and glee.  Perhaps this is just like you.

Kristoff – Although grumpy on the exterior, this fella is very determined, loyal, and caring.  Very sincere.  Is this you?

Sven – Sven appears to be a very loyal and helpful friend even though he can’t speak.  Also has good directional skills.  Perhaps that is you – king, caring, helpful, and loyal! 

Of Caissie Levy and Her Acting Journey

Born to Jewish parents, Caissie Levy is steadily carving her name into showbiz circles as a prolific singer and actress. The 36 year old Canadian has safely tucked away some admirable acting accolades and her star is shining even brighter than before.

With two older brothers whose work also revolves around film (The Levy Brothers), Caissie grew up frequently attending theatre performances. Her stage debut came with the play Free to be you and me when she was just eight years old. Afterwards, she had to balance between her love for sports and acting eventually giving up basketball to concentrate on the latter.

Her first visit to New York City was at the age of 14 when she even managed to take a few classes at the Broadway Dance Centre. As college was beckoning, she was lucky to audition for and get into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Thus, she left Canada for New York once again.

The next two years were spent studying at the AMDA and trying out a number of auditions. She bagged the character of Maureen in the tour of Rent at 21 years and while she aimed at bigger, more professional roles, she was ecstatic about the achievement nevertheless.

A role in the national tour of Hairspray ultimately led her to her first Broadway appearance to replace Penny Pingleton in the musical that would eventually win a Tony.

After the run of Hairspray, she was taken up in the Broadway cast of Wicked. In time, she also got to play the character of Elphaba in the Los Angeles based production; first as an understudy and then full-time.

Her Broadway gigs have also included starring in the revival of Hair as Sheila which opened at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in March of 2009.

She also took the role of Molly Jensen in Ghost the musical alongside Richard Fleeshman. Her Broadways endeavours have further seen her playing the role of Fantine in Les Miserables at the Imperial Theatre in 2014.

Most recently, though, her name has been associated with the musical version of Frozen. The film Frozen took the world by storm and for good reason. If Caissie Levy is one of your favourite actresses and/or singers, you will be thrilled to learn that she is part of the cast of the upcoming Frozen Broadway Musical. Even much better is the fact that she plays the coveted role of Elsa; a strong yet vulnerable character that makes the storyline a riveting one.

As a matter of fact, tryouts of the musical have already been staged particularly at the Buell Theatre in Denver. The pre-Broadway tryouts ran from August of 2017 through to October 1st. While critics describe the performances as being generally okay, they have reiterated that the play can make great improvements for even more fantastic shows when it hits Broadway in the spring of 2018.

With her singing ability, Caissie Levy is tipped to give a compelling performance in Frozen that will further cement her profile as a prolific actress!

The Canadian beauty is married to actor David Reiser and together they have one son.

Patti Murin and her Broadway Journey

Patti Murin is an American actress renowned for having played a number of roles both on TV and Broadway. She is also famously known for being Colin Donnell’s wife. The couple dated for a couple of months before getting married in 2015. She has been married before, a union that resulted in two kids.

Murin was born in Hopewell Junction and did her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the Syracuse University. Her acting career has seen her work alongside husband Colin Donnell in the series Chicago Med.

Perhaps the acting stint that is set to give her more fame is her role in Frozen. The highly acclaimed film has been adapted for Broadway and Patti Murin gets to play the role of Anna, Princess Elsa’s small sister who tries to help her big sister (and heiress to the throne) to manage her mystical powers which threaten to ruin their family and the kingdom at large.

Already, Patti Murin and other cast members have staged pre-Broadway tryouts at the Buell Theatre starting from mid-August to around September. With promising reviews being given on the tryouts, it is possible for the musical to be enhanced even further to make it a big hit in its Broadway debut in spring of 2018 at the St James Theatre.

Needless to say, Murin has played other acting roles both in TV and in Broadway. Aside from her work alongside hubby Colin in Chicago Med, she has also acted in Royal Pains and Before We Made It.

Her journey in Broadway began with her role as roller skating swing on the play Xanadu which was nominated for a Tony Award. She was also known for originating the role of Lysistrata Jones in the play Give It Up which was a cheerleading musical and was later renamed Lysistrata Jones. She has also been involved in Wicked as Glinda.

Aside from her work on stage, Murin obviously has a life that some can find inspirational. For starters, she is a vocal person who uses the fame that she has amassed to write about stuff she feels strongly about. From issues related to her career to just ordinary stuff that every other person might experience, Patti has amassed commendable following on her blog where she shares her thoughts and many experiences.

She has written about stuff that any normal American resonate with; never-mind the fact that she has no fears letting her political stance be known once in a while. At one point, she even shared about some of the frustrations that her career throws her way; like being told that the play for which they were rehearsing would be cut off! Right in the middle of action!

Patti Murin has a real chance of letting her star shine even brighter in 2018 with the musical Frozen. With the main role that she has been accorded and the excitement surrounding the entire entity of Frozen, 2018 might just be the year that Murin has been waiting for. She finally has the chance to be recognised in her own right as a top actress and not merely as the wife of Colin Donnell.

Jelani Alladin

Life History

Born and raised in New York City, Jelani Alladin is a Brownsville, Brooklyn native who is famous for his upcoming role in the Broadway musical adaptation of Frozen. From a young age, Alladin has shown a unique passion for acting and he has definitely lived up to his dream of making it big in the acting Scene. Jelani started his pursuit of a career in entertainment by attending New York University. During his time at the university, he studied various acting styles that included song and dance acting, cinema acting as well as vocal performance. He graduated with a degree in acting in the spring of 2014. While at the university, Alladin also majored in dance where he studied Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap and African.

He is certainly putting whatever he learned in school to good use through his unique and intriguing performance on the stage.

Getting Started as an Actor

Jelani Alladin has had quite a successful run in the acting industry. He has been featured on several projects and has always amazed audiences with his wonderful performance. Jellani launched his acting career 8 months after NYU. He achieved this by joining an agency after which he was featured on two off-Broadway shows. He also mentioned that of the two shows, he choreographed one. After the shows, Alladin then managed to land a leading role in another play with a reputable regional theatre. With an aim of further enhancing his career, Jelani also joined the Actor’s Equity Association.

Role in Frozen, The Disney Musical

While Jelani Alladin has been a notable figure in theatre, his upcoming role on Frozen has earned him quite a name. Jelani’s role on the musical is to depict the character of Kristoff. Kristoff is one of the major characters on Frozen and is presented as a Sami Iceman who gets entangled in Anna’s and Elsa’s complicated life. He is introduced as a young orphan boy who tries ice harvesting with grown-ups with the help of Sven, his reindeer and best friend. An incident happens in which he follows the royal family visit the trolls and watches the leader of the trolls heal Anna. He is adopted by one of the trolls.

Several years afterwards, Kristoff grows into an ice harvester and resides in the mountains close to Arendelle. When Elsa, unable to control her magic, casts a winter spell on Arendelle, Anna asks Kristoff to help her find Elsa who fled into the mountains. They encounter several challenges that include wolves, steep climbs and an angry iceman created by Elsa to send them away. What follows is a series of events that lead the two to realize their love for each other. Jelani, as always, is expected to do a brilliant job in playing the part.

Other Roles and Awards

Some of the other roles that Alladin has played include Pharus Jonathan Young on Choir Boy, the role of Ensemble on Macbeth, Flick on Violet Coalhouse Walker Jr. on Ragtime, Phil D’Armano on The Wild Party as well as the character of Julius Caesar on Julius Caesar. 

Greg Hildreth

Life History

Whenever he graces the stage, Greg Hildreth charms audiences with his unique talent and charisma. Born and raised in Boston, M.A., Greg has three sisters, one younger and two older than him. Both of his parents are educators and Greg admits that they were pretty strict on school and good grades. He also mentioned that he was forced to participate in sports despite the fact that he was not very talented in them. He however had some soccer skills and played through high school.

From an early age, Greg had a passion for theatre. Fortunately for him, a group known as Neighborhood Children’s Theatre was just close by and it offered him a chance at pursuing his passion. He would occasionally perform at the theatre with his sisters and cousin. He was cast in his first production at the age of six. Greg credits his decision to pursue acting as a career to a role he played in a community theatre production of the show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This role that he played in high school helped him bond with new people whom he found to share similar interests.

Career on Broadway and other Theaters

Greg Hildreth has built quite a reputation for himself in the entertainment scene. Although he is yet to be cast in a leading role, he is among the most notable actors on theatre in recent time. Greg landed his first major role in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’s 2010 production. Bringing out his passion for theatre and acting talent, Greg played the role so well that he landed himself another gig the following year. He got featured on the Broadway production of the same show and was just as brilliant in the role too. His role was to depict the character of University President, Red Eagle and Dance Captain.

Peter and the Starcatcher is another show in which Greg Hildreth has been cast. In an interview, Greg once mentioned that the show is one of his greatest inspirations to joining theatre for its communal story-telling style. He appeared in the role of Alf.  Greg Hildreth was also a member of the team that developed Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Working with writer Douglas Carter Beane, Greg helped in creating the character of Jean – Michel in the show. Before, the character never existed and he had a pretty hard time convincing audiences that it was okay to include an extra character in the show. Greg is also the one that played the role. Most recently, Greg has been cast in the Broadway production of the musical Frozen in which he is expect to appear alongside Patti Murin.

Some of the other projects in which Greg has made appearances include the Broadway production of Damn Yankees in which he played the Ensemble, the off-Broadway production of The Robber Bridegroom in which he depicted the Goat as well as in Can-Can in which he was Boris.

Role in Frozen

Greg is set to appear on the set of Frozen, a production of the Disney animated musical of the same name. He is to depict the role of Olaf. Olaf is a snowman built by Elsa. He plays a huge role in the show and becomes a part of Anna’s life throughout the rest of the show. 

frozen tickets

Frozen – “Love Is An Open Door” 

“Love Is An Open Door” is a catchy duet performed typically by a man and a woman.  It is a short and sweet song where two lovebirds exchange simplistic and cute lyrics with each other.

Thematically the song covers an overall and hovering theme of how challenging finding love can be and finding the right partner.  The two participants singing rejoice in the fact that they always find an open door with each other that leads to limitless opportunities and joy.  The female in the relationship shares a story about being very close with her sister that subsequently “shut her out” from the relationship. 

Finding true love helps the female character see that “Love Is An Open Door”.  The song is quite catchy and easy to follow.  The writer starts by describing how life to this point has been a series of doors being slammed in the author’s face.  Finding true love is when one realizes that love indeed is an open door. 

“Life can be so much more with you!” 

Frozen – “Fixer Upper”

“Fixer Upper” is a fun and playful tune that starts out focusing on the typical, stereotypical “fixer upper” man in need of some fine tuning by a loving and caring woman.  The lyrics poke fun at many of the “manly” flaws and shortcomings people tend to associate with men behaving as well . . . . men.  The lyrics even question the potential mate’s desire to proceed being blocked by the man’s insistence on his need to “tinkle in the weeds”.  It is all fun and laughter.

“The way to fix up this fixer upper

Is to fix him up with you”

The song then transitions into looking at a female “fixer upper”.  The male character soundly proclaims that the targeted female is engaged to someone else.  Fear not, this women is merely a fixer upper that can be refined regardless of the engagement.  “Her cloaked engagement is a fixed arrangement” is the set of lyrics that really jumps out here. 

At this point the song transitions to focusing on how everyone is a “bit of a fixer upper” and that the only way to progress forward is to find ways to fit together.  The message is that the only way to really fix up any of the fixer uppers out there is with true love.  

Frozen – “Let It Go”

Frozen is filled with wonderful music and songs which is one of the main reasons why it resonates so strongly with fans and patrons.  One of the more influential songs in the lineup is “Let It Go”.  “Let It Go” is an emotional tour de force where the writer beautifully explains the emotions and feelings associated with managing one’s feelings and moving forward in life.

The lyrics refer to a “kingdom of isolation, and a looks like I am the Queen”.  “Don’t let them in, don’t let them see”, and “conceal don’t feel” hit home with enormous power to anyone that connects with the song as the writer expresses the experiences of a female under scrutiny dealing with challenges.

The song then transitions into relaying a sense of relief as whatever was being held inside and held back is released out into the open.  The author rejoices in the feelings of not caring about what the response is to any revelations and how fear is overcome by embracing the release of feelings.

“Here I stand In the Light Of Day” triumphantly brings the song close to a conclusion as the author clearly stands proud not concerned with what others may say or do.  There is a sense of immense accomplishment and confidence as the author conveys such a strong sense of completeness and fulfillment as the good, little girl that kept everything inside moves forward with complete self- awareness and confidence.

When performed live on stage the song “Let It Go” will certainly send an eruption of emotions through every member of the audience.  We have all experienced scenarios where we keep thigs inside for fear of what others might say or do.  The feeling of relief from standing firm for what you are and who you are is a feeling that cannot be held back or defeated.  “Let It Go” takes the audience on this ride in wonderful fashion and is a pure stroke of brilliance.

“Let the storm rage on!!!!  The cold never bothered me anyway.”   

Frozen - Songs And Cast Updates

Fans are excited to see what music appears in the Broadway version of Frozen which hits the stage in Denver in August 0f 2017 before its arrival on Broadway in the spring of 2018.  Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are the songwriters for Frozen.  They indicated in 2016 that they plan on more than doubling the amount of songs seen in the movie to a total of 23 songs or more for the Broadway adaptation of Frozen

'Frozen' Broadway exclusive: Hear Elsa's song 'Dangerous to Dream' from r/Frozen

Anderson-Lopez noted that there is a lot of new material and the intent of the new songs was to dig deeper into each character.  The story for the Musical is essentially the same as the film but there will be more musical content and synergies. 

As we get closer to the Broadway premiere and off-Broadway shows in Denver we are learning more about the eventual cast for this Disney Musical.  Caissie Levy will play Elsa.  Levy is a very well rounded Broadway staple with prominent roles in Wicked, Les Miserable, and Hair.  Levy recently became a new mother and can’t wait to give her take on the ice princess.

Patti Murin will play Anna.  Murin brings tons of experience in skating around on stage to Frozen given her excellent work in Xanadu.  There is also a cast member making his debut on Broadway.  Jelani Alladin will play the role of the ice-harvesting and fixer-upper Kristoff.  Aladdin is a recent NYU grad and has received critical acclaim in Ragtime, Cabaret, and Choir Boy which was performed in San Francisco.     

Olaf will be tackled by Greg Hildreth.  Greg has ample experience with fairy tales and is stepping up to the biggest role of his life.  Hildreth was wonderful in Peter And the Starcatcher and Rodgers And Hammerstein’s Cinderella

John Riddle is handling the role of Hans.  The League of Cincinnati Theaters named John one of their Rising Stars when he was there studying and he seems to be progressing quite nicely.  John has excellent experience performing in The Visit and My Paris

Robert Creighton, a long time veteran of Disney productions, will take charge of the role of the Duke of Weselton.  Creighton has superb experience and credentials from his roles in Chicago, The Lion King, and The Mystery of Edwin Drood among others.  Creighton no doubt will amplify the overall execution and brilliance of Frozen The Musical

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Michael Grandage

The Frozen Broadway Musical gives an opportunity to the avid fans of the celebrated Frozen animation film to enjoy a real-life view of the characters. Since its release, Frozen has performed pretty well, both critically and commercially. It has as a matter of fact risen to be an all-time highest grossing animated film. Its worldwide Box Office sales stand at $1.3bn. Under the direction of the famous Michael Grandage, Frozen Stage Musical is set to become a great hit.

Born on the 2nd of May, 1962, Michael is a renowned producer and theater director from Britain who is known for his great skill and experience in theater direction. Currently, he works as the artistic director of Michael Grandage Company. Between the years 2002 and 2012, Michael worked as the artistic director of London’s Donmar Warehouse.

Born in Yorkshire and bred in Cornwall, Michael began pursuing a career in the entertainment scene by training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as an actor in 1984. Prior to commencing his training as an actor, Michael attended Humphry Davy Grammar School. He then ventured into acting, a career that he stayed on for more than a decade and worked with names such as Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Exchange. He was also a National Youth Theater member prior to beginning on his career as a director. The Last Yankee marked Michael Grandage’s debut as a director in 1996. He followed this with a directorial role in Twelfth Night 2 years afterwards. This was also his very first Shakespeare production.

While Michael Grandage has had a largely successful and prolific direction career, Frozen is among the works that he is most famed for. The musical premieres at the Buell Theatre and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts IN August of 2017. The musical will also be featured in the Spring of 2018 on Broadway at the St. James Theatre.

Frozen follows the life of Princess Anna of Arendelle and her elder sister, Elsa who has magic powers. One night when the two are playing the castle, Elsa accidentally hurts Anna, by striking her on the head with her powers. Their parents rush them to the trolls where they are met by the leader of the troll colony, Grand Pabbie. Grand Pabie treats Anna of the injury but erases memories of Elsa’s powers. Elsa on the other hand is warned to learn controlling her powers. In order to keep her powers from Anna, Elsa shuts her out which causes the two to drift apart. Their parents die at sea and several years later, Elsa is set to be crowned Queen of Arendelle.

The coronation comes with a series of events that include opening of the gates of the castle that have been closed since their parents’ death, Anna meeting a prince, Hans, and various other exciting experiences. Hans proposes to Anna and she accepts. When she presents Hans to Elsa for approval, Elsa turns them down which causes an argument between the two that leads to Anna taking off Elsa’s gloves. Elsa unleashes her powers in front of everybody and runs into the mountains. Anna tries to make things right by following her into the mountain during which she meets Kristoff and Sphenn his reindeer.

They have an adventure that leads them to meet Olaf which brings back her childhood memories. They find Elsa but things do not go as planned and a confrontation leads to Elsa striking Anna on the heart with her magic. Hans who was left in charge of Arendelle follows them into the mountains and manages to capture and bring back Elsa. Anna is rushed to the Trolls for a cure but is informed that an act of true love is the only salvation she has. What follows is a series of events that sees Han’s and the Duke of Weselton getting exposed for they are, Anna getting cured by an act of true love and Elsa learning to control her powers through love.

Disney announced in September of 2016 that Michael Grandage was to be the director of Frozen Disney Musical. He has since taken an active part in the direction of the musical and has managed to put together a team of brilliant actors. With his skill and expertise, the musical is undoubtedly bound to be remarkable. 

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